corporate communication

Our core business is providing technical translation for the financial services industry. We have extensive experience with financial reporting under BRGAAP, USGAAP and IFRS. That experience extends across all sectors and many Fortune 500 companies.

CCC has a very broad database of industry specific terminology and revised text which means we can produce work to shorter deadlines and at a lower cost. We also offer discounts on repeat business,


Public Relations

Public relations communication such as press releases in the English language can be daunting and will have a very significant impact on your corporate image. Our public relations professionals remove the guesswork from the communication equation and will provide the best options and strategies for various scenarios, from building your brand to crisis management.


The margin for error with English language marketing is wide and mistakes can adversely affect your corporate image, particularly the English version of your website. We provide the marketing services to ensure you accurately get your message across in English while maintaining the essential Brazilian identity of your organization. 


Investor Relations

Investor relations deliverables such as management reports, presentations and, increasingly, the use of social media to engage with investors serve to showcase your organization. Those investors will inevitably make decisions based on the quality of that communication. We have extensive experience in providing timely, accurate services that build trust.

Real-Time Support

We provide an instant support service for our Corporate Plan clients. This stemmed from our customers requiring real-time advice on communication issues such as responses to emails or specific terminology. Through Skype for Business we can clarify any doubts instantly, affording you peace of mind in all your English language communication.